GENRE  eLit (multi-media)  /  PLATFORM   mobile app  /  YEAR   2019-2021

The IACX73545 Dossier is an eLit mobile app housing a multimedia sci-fi narrative.  Forming a layered metaphor, the story explores ways of being/ feeling alien, while mirroring systemic oppressions of the current geopolitical zeitgeist.  The app forms the compilation of an intelligence dossier, and tells the official story of how the Earth Mission of an intergalactic anthropologist was revealed to be a ruse — to ascertain the location of two terrorists hiding out on Earth.

The story involves two characters — an intergalactic anthropologist (IACX73545/ Janai) on an officially sanctioned mission to Earth, and an intergalactic activist-turned-terrorist (Auden), exiled on Earth since the collapse of his planet. Unaware of Auden’s true identity, Janai makes him the focus of her research. She documents conversations, his movements, his thought process, etc. Unbeknownst to her, her research and the surveillance of her mission become part of a broader intergalactic intelligence file… ultimately unfolding in a tale of romance, espionage and betrayal.  

Users can swipe left and right through ethnographic field notes, audio & video surveillance files, intelligence memos, psychiatric assessments, digital poetry, etc; enabling users to navigate the story from multiple vantage points. The story structure forms a concentric narrative where users can choose how to navigate the story, but are always returned to a core area. The structure serves to emphasize the various political environments, and to draw connections between the geopolitics and organizational priorities that inevitably shape how the characters’ stories unfold.

Video surveillance scenes will be constructed in 360° VR with a gaming engine. Audio surveillance will be in the form of audio files and/ or transcripts. Janai’s poetry from her ethnographic field notes and psychiatric assessments take the form of motion graphics. Intelligence memos, text conversations and ethnographic field notes will be regular text.